Welcome To Unicorn World

Welcome to UnicornWorld.org, a place for dissent against all forms of authority and it’s supporters. A key component of the authoritarian mindset is that institutions like the state are a necessary part of human civilization. This faulty logic, like unicorns, only exists in the minds of true believers, and not as some absolute objective dictate of our existence. So just as rational individuals must ultimately come to the realization that unicorns do not exist, so must they come to the conclusion that the necessity of social structures based on aggression likewise does not exist. It is only an abstract concept predicated on belief, consent and force. Whereas horses and horns both exist, making unicorns more rational than authority.

We will feature many contributors, many of whom also write for CopBlock.org. Every article is the opinion of the individual author and not the collective stance of UnicornWorld.org.

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