NY Daily News- “God Is Not Fixing This” – Neither Is the Religion of Statism


The NY Daily News tweeted the following image yesterday in anticipation of today’s covNY Daily Newser story. Social media was instantly set ablaze by mainstream liberals and atheists who failed to see the irony of the statement.

While it is fair to call out the compulsive lip-service and meaningless rhetoric paid to a cartoonishly oversimplified theistic entity, the conclusions made from this fact are even more riddled with inane dogma and misguided worship. The insinuation that gun control is the answer to mass shootings relies on an equally absurd faith in the omnipotence of the state to address all earthly affairs.

Gun control is not violence control, it is simply a monopolization of violence by the state. And while the Goofy McGod of mainstream politicians may be ineffective in solving massive social issues due to a lack of actual existence, neither has He been responsible for as much horror and bloodshed of the state. No entity in history even comes close to the mass murders commited by the state throughout history. An appeal to the state to fix the problem of violence when the state itself is the most violent entity ever known is even more laughably ridiculous than the Sunday School Religion of Republicans.

It is often the case that religion is blamed for humans history of violence, but you will find that that violence was almost always committed by the state who used religion as a tool to justify its existence and actions. Our skepticism of the state required another force to validate its existence in the eyes of the average citizen for a long time. But since the World Wars of the 20th Century, the faith in the state has grown so as to become its own religion.

Today the state is the largest religion in the world. It is practiced by different sects occupying locations marked by imaginary boundaries with some minor differences in ritual and theology, but all marked by belief in a single infallible entity. The all-powerful NoboDaddy that watches over us and protects us is no longer a supernatural entity, but the institution of the state itself, with politicians serving as prophets, saints and various figureheads and icons. And just like the primordial God of Abrahamic religions who molded the chaotic blackness of non-being into order, the religion of statism entails its faithful to believe that only the will of it’s God can save us from the hell that would follow in its absence. Yet even in the Bible, God killed far more than Satan by a long shot, and so it is also with the state who uses a number of manufactured evils to create consent via fear.

So while what appears to be a false flag has the government gearing up for a gun grab, and the mainstream media are loosening up the public’s mind for it, we are filled with rhetoric that parades itself as reason, while really just being another cockamamie religion itself. The religion of statism is the most deadly, inhumane and widespread religion ever to haunt our world. And it is empowered by a faith so certain that it can only ever make itself seem anything less than ridiculous when comparing it with other similar entities.  God is not fixing this, but neither is the religion of statism.

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