Mysterious Universe: The Mystery Behind the Website’s Political Agenda

Mysterious Universe is a website the specializes in anomalistic phenomena where anything and everything are game – except challenging authority.

I have always held a fascination with the strange, odd, weird, mysterious, anomalous and bizarre. What happens at the periphery of normality says a lot about how human beings experience themselves and their environment. No study of humanity would be complete without probing the fringes.

I find it pointless to measure these things by belief or disbelief. When an individual experiences something it shapes them regardless of whether their experience was had by anybody else, or anybody else believes it could have happened. This kind of narrow approach to reality, true or false, is the very basis of all authoritarian ideologies. Controlling truth is controlling other people.

Given all this it would seem to me that one of the premiere websites for covering mysterious phenomena would be skeptical of authoritarians, but not only is Mysterious Universe often blindly obedient of most authorities, they censor anyone who challenges their obedience, even when it is done without combative rhetoric. In both their Facebook page and their website, MU have blocked me from commenting because I have done just that. Here is the most recent example.

Chilean National Police Spooked by Seemingly Haunted House

“I tend to stay away from covering haunted house stories because they usually only come in one of two forms: clearly doctored “home videos,” or unsubstantiated eyewitness testimony. This story, however, contains official reports from an entire squad of Carabineros, Chile’s official national police force.”

In the very first two sentences of the article the author makes a logically fallacious appeal to authority. Which is ironic since, according to the ‘authorities’ from government to academia most of the stuff on the MU website is fake news. But my biggest problem here isn’t even that, but with the logic of the appeal itself. In fact, this is something I have studied extensively myself and even written about. So I shared a comment along the lines of…

“The appeal to authority here is not just logically problematic but ignores the fact that police are probably far less reliable witnesses in these regards due to the stress of their particular career.”

Then I shared an article I wrote connecting police psychology to non-normal reality perceptions.

If It Seems Like Police Live In A Different Reality It Is Because They Actually Do

This comment was never published. They screened it and denied it, just as they had done by blocking me from commenting on their Facebook page and screening out past comments at their website with similar criticisms. Why would a website allegedly dedicated to questioning the status quo so vehemently censor reader comments which do the same? What is the agenda of MU that they so absolutely filter out any criticism of the state and its functions and functionaries?

Is Mysterious Universe another Russian or Breitbart-backed mindfuck media project? Is it part of the umbrella of alt-right propaganda outlets sowing confusion in all areas of existence in order to push the cattle back into their pens and the illusory safety of the herders? Are they censoring readers in order to keep their propaganda on point?

If you look at their website you will notice that very few articles have comments, and those that do are just smiley glad-handing the opinions of the piece in which they are commenting. Are these even real comments or just MU’s own staff weaving a spell of consensus?

Or is it just that somebody’s daddy at MU was a cop or government employee and they have the Stockholm Syndrome real hard, despite the irony that they promote skepticism of every other kind of authority? That seems more likely. But there is no mystery or wonder in that, so until the censorship ends or they at least have the courage to address me directly, I will continue to believe that Steve Bannon probably has something to do with Mysterious Universe and treat it thusly – with irreverence and ridicule.

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