The Rise of the Social Liberty Warrior

This is the story of how the liberty movement jumped the shark by becoming more opposed to liberal statists than the state itself.

At the turn of the century I first became involved in activism. At the time I ascribed to a leftist type of anarchism which often put me in the camp of what are now referred to as Social Justice Warriors. I wasn’t exactly a commie or a socialist, but I was still mistakenly under the impression that petitioning the state to address social, political and economic issues was a valid method for enacting necessary humane changes.

Over time I sort of lost interest in activism and began to see some of its more misguided characteristics. Around that time I read Ted Kacynski and became intrigued with his view of the left. At the same time I began reading CrimethInc literature that painted anarchism more as a way for individuals to gain freedom and liberty outside of political systems. However I had yet to become familiar with right-leaning anarchist ideas.

After experiencing being completely and totally fucked over by cops in 2010 I became more interested in exploring new anti-state ideologies and found the liberty movement. By 2011 I was a full-on AnCap spending much of my days online rallying against all those damn Social Justice Warriors that I was one of just a decade earlier.

In the fall of 2015 I had calmed down quite a bit. This allowed to me to see a trend developing. The AnCaps and Libertarians were starting to support state violence under the thin rubric of defending ‘property rights’. Even though the property in question was often owned by a state-chartered corporate entity and not an actual private individual. When I realized this criticism did little to deter the misguided support for state-sponsored violence it became obvious that many of these people were less concerned with the ruling class than their confused left-leaning supporters.

That was the end of yelling down the SJWs for me. At that point it seemed there was a bigger problem. The liberty movement had become so obsessed with opposing leftists that it began eyeing the states power to be used as a political weapon against them. The right-leaning anarchists became more interested with being anti-SJW than anti-state.

Some of those people whose behaviors concerned me in late 2015 have now fully avowed their allegiance to things like National Socialism and other Alt-Right authoritarian politics. Never has there been a ‘triggering’ so great as when the liberty drop-outs got so worked up by leftists that they became actual, literal Nazis in response.

The former frustrations for me with SJWs is that I was under the mistaken belief that if these people joined me, we could all be free, and that their consent and bad ideologies were making the oppression possible. In hindsight I can see how naive it was, but at the time I was very emotionally involved in this belief and would ironically use other peoples emotions as a straw man to cover up my lack of a good argument to support that premise.

The more I understood the state and took it less literally, I came to understand that even if every citizen withdrew their support for the state, so long as it had cops and soldiers and a monopoly on force it would still have us enslaved. No SJW was oppressing me. My enemy was also theirs, even if they didn’t know it yet – the state.

This allowed me to accept and take responsibility for my own predicament. If I wanted freedom and liberty then it was up to me to figure out how to achieve it. Appealing to misguided statists was just as foolish as appealing to the state.

If the error of SJWs was their appeal to the state as a means to their ends, the error of those on the right was in trying to appeal to the SJWs. Both camps were making the same mistake, fighting something other than their actual enemy and trying to promote their ideas on the social level, rather than as trying to achieve them on the individual level.

The Social Liberty Warriors are all those on the right, proclaimed statist and anarchist alike, who spend their time fruitlessly shouting down political opponents rather than making the political systems themselves obsolete through personal achievement. They are guilty of all of the same entitlement and magical thinking of the same people they spend their days self-righteously rallying against online and in the streets. They shift their own personal responsibility and become hypocrites at a level of irony that I can’t even.

And somewhere along the way their compulsive contrarianism led many of them to racist, classist, sexist and other ideologies taken straight from the conservative authoritarian playbook. They have made a mockery of liberty and become a caricature of every leftist stereotype of the liberty movement.

The lesson here is to stay-focused. What do you want and what can you do to achieve it? This is your life and it is your responsibility to change the world if you want it to change. If you lack the imagination, desire or ability to do so then it is time you accept your own failures and stop blaming everybody who didn’t give you a trophy for participating. When you truly accept the tenets of self-ownership blaming others reveals itself as a shameful weakness, not a signal of your sacred virtues.

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