Are Recent Shootings Being Used to Manufacture Civil War?

civil war

Without getting into whether the public mass shootings over the past few years were false flag operations created by the oligarchy for some shadowy purpose, and without even getting into the compulsive habit of immediately pinning these situations on whatever terrorist group is currently the scariest, I wonder if the 2nd Amendment issues themselves are not covering up a more dastardly agenda.

In the wake of each and every one of these shootings, the issue of gun ownership inevitably rises to the top of public and political debate. It has come to happen so often that the argument almost immediately overshadows any other information or narrative about the shootings themselves. And yet a peculiar side effect of these gun rights flamewars is that they are generally always followed by a spike in gun sales.

At the same time they serve to carve an even deeper division in the binary groupthink of partisan politics. Those on each side of this constructed divide become more filled with certainty, hatred and rage over time, and they fight fervently against one another over the consequences of policies past, present and future for which any single one of them have no measurable contribution to.

Gun right attitudes generally fall into line with the other prepackaged ideologies of the political left and right. It gets blurry with moderates and Libertarians, who still align more closely with the right than the ‘progressive’ left. Which means that the protests of the left are actually contributing to more gun ownership. Yet despite that irony and the ‘third voice’ of moderates, independents and third parties, you can pretty much use gun ownership opinions to predict a large proportion of the most peoples political ideology.

Nothing can be quite so destructive as a false dichotomy, and when one is constructed through nationalist ideologies, the potential consequences can be cataclysmic. And yet every mainstream policy narrative seems to strengthen this political dualism. This has always been true to some degree, but became even more pronounced after 9/11 and has grown steadily since. In the year leading up to this falls presidential election, it has come to a boiling point.

The rage and intolerance is now seething on both sides. Stoked by a steady stream of media mass hysteria that elevate tragedies into opportunities and I-told-you-so’s, the flames on both sides swell. In the midst of this is the single most patently absurd presidential election circus in history. Neither candidate is generally even admired or respected by their most voracious proponents, but instead receive their support merely out of partisan contrarianism. It is the most clearly manufactured spectacle in the history of American politics, yet those not keen on its illusory nature take it with a deadly seriousness that cannot be comprehended by any rational observer.

A myriad of other factors contribute to this Us-vs-Them ideology. Economic downfalls, escalating police abuse and violence as well as more acts of unexplainable extremism all work to align the public in camp L or R. And as the disorder resulting from a century of policies born of continual government growth manifests itself in the outrageous stories that show up on the news, the thirst for blood becomes increasingly unbearable. And the eventual battle between the two groups seems ever more imminent.

So what is left to do for an oligarchy that has already done all the damage it can do? Let the proles fight each other and tear it all down so they can profit from building it all back up again – that is what.

I am not saying that this is definitely going to happen. I am saying there is a very real possibility that it could happen. It has happened here in the past and all throughout the world all through history. The current climate is absolutely ripe for an internal national struggle of bloodshed and destruction, even if it is not happening by design. Yet that somehow feels even more irrational given the complete absurdity of it. Or maybe I am just incapable of believing that humanity is so stupid that its best choices have honestly led us to where we are now at.

Or maybe it is all just an epic viral marketing campaign for gun manufacturers.

At this point, I could care less. As soon as my paperwork for species expatriation goes through, I’m ditching you apes and joining the alligators.

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