Post-Scarcity Technology Is Self-Sufficiency Is Liberation of the Individual

post scarcity technology

Recently I have discussed many anarcho-futurist ideas here at Elsewhere I have discussed ideas like abolishing jobs and why dependence on institutionalized ‘protection’┬ácannot help but to backfire. The strongest arguments against these ideas seem to come from conservative/capitalistic anarchists and minarchists. They have somehow misconstrued my ideas to be some sort of commie heresy or collectivist pipe dream. It is sad then that they seem to be missing that what I am saying is the ultimate conclusion of their position, that we should cut off all necessity for dependence on others to truly be free.

This is what I propose: The limitations of nature impose hierarchies on species within it. By overcoming those limitations with technologies, we can gain more self-sufficiency. Not only does this lead to more freedoms and liberties, but it disincentivizes the worst instincts of human nature like fear and greed, and makes institutionalized hierarchies obsolete. The aim of anarcho-futurism is to make it possible for every human being to produce the basic necessities of life for themselves at little to no cost.

The entire Universe is jam-packed with latent energy. All we have to do is harvest that energy directly and then convert the energy into matter. Replication devices like these will be supplied by limitless free energy taken from no resource or labor or cost to the environment. They will be accompanied by devices like 3D printers and other technologies that help us to go beyond the basic necessities into luxury and endless creativity. Harvesting resources, manufacturing and then shipping and selling devices that benefit humans will be replaced with invention and design or other acts of creativity. From there we can trade specialized items through barter, gift or reputation economics.

Human beings have been on a long symbiotic journey with technology throughout our mutual evolution. Since we first fashioned tools out of metals we have carried most of the burden, while still benefiting from it. Now we are on the precipice of changing those roles. Soon technology shall take the labor burden of progress into its hands while we restore ourselves to our original role as its muse. This is not surrendering the beauty of human production and progress, it is a victory from it. The goal of our hard work has not been to work until death, but to retire from generations of labor that will earn us material egalitarianism through purely self-sufficient means.

Just as a 3D printer can now be used to make most of a 3D printer, free limitless and costless energy and the resources they produce will allow us to provide our own technologies. Making your technology will be something you do with mom and dad in the garage before you move out on your own, where you will then maintain and upgrade the equipment just as pre-civilization agrarian humans sharpened their own tools and and used their own resources.

The ultimate tool of our enslavement is that which our species is best at overcoming, that is, limitation in ourselves and our environment. To assume that freedom and liberty can only be achieved through the channels of traditional human paradigms is not only basically unimaginative and ignorant, it is to be willfully attached to your dependence on other human beings. The rejection of tools of human ingenuity and self-sufficiency that right-leaning anarchists have is actually the very essence of leftist collectivism. If you are trying to frame your own freedoms and liberties in the terms of dependence on others via their labor, capital, resources, consumption or anything else, then you are promoting dependency, not self-sufficiency.

The anarchists camps in the left and right are both wrong. They are both deluded by the fiction that the past implies the blueprint of our future. They are like cavemen being told that someday men will fly in the sky, and instead of working together to create the things that make it possible, argue endlessly about whether we will be riding on giant birds or bats. They are unable to imagine flight outside the paradigms of what they already know. Anarcho-futurism is about imagining aviation technologies. It does so not as some radical hippy rejection of history, but as a sane and rationale acknowledgement of human evolution and potential.

From now on if you find yourself saying something like – “will always have to” or “will always be” – try to remember you are a making a statement of supreme ignorance. You cannot project your own fears, narrow-mindedness or intellectual/imaginative shortcomings onto the future with ANY amount of accurate predictability at all. Such statements are logically fallacious, ignorant of history and evolution and empirically flawed. The future is entirely unwritten. You are either helping to write it or cowering in fear from it behind dogmas, irrational justifications and/or mindlessly unexamined attachment to your own dependencies.

The only way to overcome dependency is to overcome limitations. Technology is the way we overcome limitations. Technology could someday make us completely self-sufficient. Only those who can provide for themselves all that they need can ever be truly liberated and free. Philosophers, artists and engineers are already paving the way for that path. Resistance is feudal.

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