One Right Turn or Three Lefts

one right turn or three lefts

The only difference between statist liberals and conservatives is that where conservatives took a right, liberals took three lefts.

I posted this statement on Facebook last week. I was inordinately proud of its illustrative simplicity.

At the same time I was a bit ashamed because underneath all of its poetic glory, it was marred by its cheap reductionism, a habit that strangles the overall intellect of our culture through endless memes, slogans and false dichotomies. The political left-vs-right is itself a false dichotomy. They are both highly controlled narratives used to manufacture consent for the same institution -The State.

So to make amends and alleviate the crippling guilt and shame of my rhetorical sin, I have decided to expand on my cleverly and competently crafted condescending condensation.

The State always begins at the same principles and ends with the same outcomes, although for public relations purposes, they alternate methods of getting us there. We start with a promise of peace and prosperity,while the outcome is always an increase in welfare and warfare. The two are highly related.

The ‘left’ sells us peace and prosperity by promising us more welfare and less warfare.

The ‘right’ sells us peace and prosperity by promising us more warfare and less welfare.

And somewhere in the jiggery pokery of partisan politic compromise, we end up with wars of peace paid for by the prosperity of corporate welfare.

The warfare isn’t always on someone else, either. It is waged on the home front by multiple attacks launched against our civil liberties and economic well being. In Murrica the police state and the war on drugs and the redistribution of wealth to the wealthiest are all assaults against peace and prosperity on citizens right here at home, while people in other nations are being slaughtered in our name. And on our dollar, not to mention our future stability.

So let’s look at a specific example of how both parties set off on a road to peace and prosperity and end up at the welfare/warfare state.

The Right: “La la la la…HEY! Look at those bad guys over there in the strategic area with resources who aren’t conforming in totality to our economic will…let’s divert social welfare programs to the warfare industry and go whoop their ass! Look at those Leftist pussies ignore the threat and keep on goin’.”
Hangs a right and proceeds to welfare funded warfare.

The Left: “Do dah do do dee…HEY! Where are those assholes going, off to war? Not again. Doo dah do…wait, did you say civil rights abuse in that country?
Hangs a left.
“Well, I dunno, nobody is perfect. Oh, I didn’t realize they were righties, too.”
Hangs a left.
“Uh oh, looks like they need us to come over there and save them with some bombs and drones and shit. I guess we can divert funds from some of our domestic social welfare programs to the warfare industry in this time of need, if we have to, we guess. Hold on, guys, we are right behind you! We don’t wanna be left behind!”
Hangs a left and proceeds to welfare funded warfare.

You see, those welfare programs the leftist narrative polishes up as the solution to all of our problems is just a way channel our wealth into those wars that the rightist narrative polishes up as the solution to all of our problems. What the public is led to believe are two separate government paths are actually just two branches of one road with one destination. There is no left-vs-right. It is just a ruse to divide us and confuse so that the state can do what it is ultimately destined to do, which is to look after itself and the ruling elite who create its secondary agendas.

It is disheartening how easily so many people can be led to ignore this painfully obvious truth through such painfully obvious methods of manipulation and deception. If you listen carefully in the dead of night you can hear the their lips tighten and purse into a pretentious and patronizing sneer of dandy delight in their domination through a discourse of diversion and re-conversion.

Still…don’t forget to vote. They need the demographic data for their next public relations campaign.

Written by Joshua Scott Hotchkin is intended to be a diverse collection of writers with different thoughts and ideas about ending aggressive authority and the state. As such, the messages of the various contributors may sometimes seem to be in conflict. Rather than taking as a monolithic entity, try thinking of each author and every article as a single voice in a brainstorming session about the future.

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