Income Tax Refusal – A Simple and Peaceful Revolution

income tax refusal

Whenever the topic of revolution comes up the two narratives that usually emerge are:

  • It is not possible.
  • It would mean a bloody class war.

That it is not possible is easily dismissed. History is full of revolutions, some successful, and some not. Often what the person means is that even after a revolution, things will either be worse, remain the same, or be only marginally better for the price paid in revolt. This is a valid argument only in so much that these past revolutions were just a changing of the guard, and not an abolition of governments and nation states themselves.

All revolutions begin in ideas. Those that transform those ideas into a violent response to oppression usually end up with those violent revolutionaries becoming the new oppressors. It does not matter how many people you kill, the system and the ideas it is predicated on it will remain. The institutions vacated by oppressors create a vacuum hungry to transform its new occupants into the face and hands of its future oppression.

This is why any meaningful and lasting revolution will have to begin at the ideological level. Power structures require our consent and participation. Those who reluctantly just go along to get along are every bit as responsible for our situation as the ruling elite. In order to topple the old paradigms to make way for the next evolution of human civilization, we have to fight the individual beliefs that lead to people giving their consent to maintain the status quo.

Where most people become frustrated with revolutionary thought is finding a beginning. Where do we start? The simple answer is to start at the life blood of the state entity- funding. Taxation makes the state a possibility. Without those resources it cannot pay the police and soldiers whose violence stands between us and the ruling class. It cannot do anything at all, in fact, since the state doesn’t actually earn any money on its own. So this is where we begin. But how?

Imagine what would happen if one day we all went to work and told the companies we work for this:

For too long our government has forced you to steal from us on its behalf. The income taxes that they require you to deduct from the spoils of our labor takes away our resources and feeds them to a state Leviathan with no end to its appetite. This must end. It is time to disobey. Therefore, I am no longer willing to offer my services to this company so long as it obeys the requirements of the federal and state governments to steal from me on its behalf. I am not alone. All across the country today other workers are making the same demand. Unless you obey the will of the people, you will go under. Aside from refusing to steal on our behalf, you must also refuse to be stolen from. Your profits should go to this company’s owners and laborers, not to a federal government bent on destroying us through endless war and corporate welfare. And we cannot allow you to fund their violent response to our rebellion. Theses are our demands. We shall accept no compromises. No more taxes or no more economy. Your choice.

Yes, it really is that easy. But then what comes next?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to that. The nations state is predicated on homogenization, but the future without it does not need to be. Concentrate on your community. How will it self-govern and interact with other communities? There are endless possibilities. Explore them. Find out what works best in yours. Experiment, but do not be afraid to fail. Failure will inevitably be part of the relearning process. Once we try various methods we can learn from our successes and mistakes, as well of those of other communities. The possibilities are endless.

The nation state governments are leading us head-on into social, economic and environmental disaster. It is not a matter of having the perfect ideas to replace them, it is a matter of cutting of this gangrenous limb before they destroy the entire body of human civilization. Waiting for the perfect replacement limb before amputating the diseased one is a surefire way towards our demise. Our only chance at surviving the end of industrial economics and politics is to take charge and be proactive, not to wait until someone else figures it all for us.

Spread this idea far and wide. If we can get even 2/3rds of every worker and employer to meet our demands, we can take back our world and our future. If there is enough interest we can plot an exact course and date for this simple, peaceful revolution.

Written by Joshua Scott Hotchkin is intended to be a diverse collection of writers with different thoughts and ideas about ending aggressive authority and the state. As such, the messages of the various contributors may sometimes seem to be in conflict. Rather than taking as a monolithic entity, try thinking of each author and every article as a single voice in a brainstorming session about the future. 

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